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tandy • heh.
DETAILS: Dialogue exchange. Written in 2011. Premise based off the Exiles series from Marvel Comics, where superheroes are pulled from various timelines and alternate histories in order to work together to save worlds. Tandy Bowen ("Dagger") and Steve Rogers ("Captain America") are from their respective timelines and thus are largely AU.
SUMMARY: Tandy and Steve are chatting back and forth via texts on their communication devices. After discussing some serious things, they get derailed entirely and Tandy scores the best/worst achievement of her young life.

"It's like Rule 34 of the Internet but not about porn."Collapse )
jean • hair tuck.
DETAILS: Scene; third person, past tense. Written in 2010. Premise based off the Exiles series from Marvel Comics, where superheroes are pulled from various timelines and alternate histories in order to work together to save worlds. Jean Grey, Nocturne, and Mr Sinister are all from their respective timelines and thus are largely AU.
SUMMARY: The Timebroker sends the trio on a supply run to a world that, as it turns out, negates all mutant abilities. Jean takes charge, Talia does reconnaissance, and Dr Essex collapses into Jean's care against his wishes.

"You can hate me later, but for right now I'm your doctor."Collapse )
stock • coffee.
Look! The companion mix to "This Thing Beneath My Ribs Will Beat Me to the Ground"! Kay (skylilies) specifically requested this, so even though it's been over a year since I had the idea, I finally got off my ass and started wading through the folder of tracks I'd set aside. Better late than never, right?

Each song in this mix is about a romantic relationship I've been in, starting with my first at age thirteen and ending at the present, plus a few for transitional periods. Tracks are arranged as close to chronologically as I could manage -- I even tried, when possible, to use artists I listened to at that point in my life -- but as a result some are a little jarring next to each other despite my best attempts. All the tracks are meant to be from my point of view except for #19, and I like to think the progression does an okay job of showing the progression of my relationships and my expectations of them. Some relationships got more than one track, while other relationships are not featured here at all. That's just how it goes. I think there are only two people who'd see this who could possibly recognize themselves in it, but I doubt they will, and I know they wouldn't mind anyway. If you're absolutely dying of curiosity, you can ask. I might tell you. Otherwise, feel free to guess and speculate. ;)


our heads, they hold back / but our hearts run to strangers, saying, "look at me! look at me! look at me!"Collapse )
Dec 15th, 2010 ; 05:14 pm - Apps, apps, apps.
dinah (c) • marital strife. wink wink.
Chelle: BAM. Giant many-page Zatanna app submitted.
Rose: For WeCo?
Chelle: Yep.
Rose: You realise it's WeCo and the many pages are not necessary? ;)
Chelle: Well, yes. BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT.
Rose: Another reason why we are such twinses. *grin*
Rose: You know I approve.
Chelle: http://i-wearfishnets.insanejournal.com/906.html
Chelle: Still not as long as Jean's. But close.
Rose: I bet if you paired her with one of my characters it would be. ;)
Chelle: Probably. xD
Rose: Of course, now Ollie wants in on WeCo, so he can hang out with her.
Chelle: omg.
Rose: What?
Rose: *innocent*
Chelle: You KNOW what.
Chelle: You devious little minx.

I should not play both Zatanna and Black Canary. That would be hogging all the badass fishnet-wearing awesome! But I do have to finish my Anna app now, and that's going to take aaaages and I feel like crap today. Wah wah wah.
Dec 3rd, 2010 ; 08:47 am(no subject)
zatanna • fishnets.
I totally miss playing Zatanna.
dinah • bitch please.
Rose: Though I have no explanation for this photo:
Rose: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2498/3773876737_2cee5078c4.jpg
Rose: Other than the fact that it makes me facepalm horribly. But Ollie being Ollie, I believe it
Chelle: Oh, GOD.
Chelle: OLLIE!
Rose: He can't explain the camera?
Rose: The other stuff he can.
Chelle: Of course he can. Of course.
Chelle: I vote there's a second woman involved.
Chelle: She's the one holding the camera.
Rose: Ollie votes this was before he met Dinah.
Chelle: Ollie is SMART.
Nov 9th, 2010 ; 12:32 am - Pointless fun with icons!
stock • coffee.
Jean's took me forever, because her emotional responses can be pretty subtle and same goes for her icon expressions. In contrast, Tandy's took me all of maybe five minutes, because her expressions are the complete opposite of subtle and she had a wealth to choose from for everything. Heh. It also amuses me on a meta level that Jean's required thoughtful consideration while Tandy's involved lackadaisically slapping some shit up with no hesitation. Gee whiz.

the character expression memeCollapse )

cecelia • flirty.
Or maybe I just like giving people weird skin colours too much.

Amber Heard as Vanessa Carlysle, AKA "Copycat":

BLOOOOO.Collapse )

In retrospect, it would look more impressive now that it's finished if I hadn't picked a photo with a grey background. Now you can't even tell that I actually meticulously whitened her hair, right down to the little stray strands, instead of just slapping a crude greyscale layer over it. BAH HUMBUG. And I picked this shot specifically because of the hair, too, knowing it would take a lot of work and thus be fun. (Yes, that's fun to me. SHUT UP, I already know I'm wired wrong.)

Anyway. Maybe I should find someplace to play her. I could app her as, like, the ultimate callgirl. It's been ages since the last time I got to play a sex worker, and God knows RPlandia could use more positive portrayals of sex workers instead of the tired old tragic broken stereotypes popularized by Hollywood.

EDIT: Oh hey! Speaking of blue shapeshifters, I also found an old Mystique manip! I made this originally back when I had an old CRT monitor that was dying, so when I opened it up just now, I could see all the bad bits I'd totally missed. Which of course meant then I had to fix it, but that only took about twenty minutes. Someday I should redo it at full size, geez. The original photo is like 2-3 times this big. I suspect I made it smaller because I was feeling lazy. Or timid.

Evangeline Lily as Raven Darkholme, AKA "Mystique":

EVEN BLUER!Collapse )

Evangeline is my favourite Mystique PB. :3
jean • opines.
Chelle: http://inheritor.insanejournal.com/1197.html?thread=13229#t14509
Rose: Oh Jean.
Rose: I love you for being you.
Rose: So does Scott.
Rose: He cannot personally comprehend ever being sorry for something bad happening to Essex, or being concerned about his welfare and frankly it does worry him that she can because Essex can take advantage of that and is liable to.
Rose: But he respects and admires that she has that capacity of trust and empathy.
Rose: He doesn't.
Chelle: Well, it's not the same Essex. He hasn't actually done anything evil. So treating him like he's the same man is about as logical as the way the public treats all mutants like they're Magneto.
Chelle: It's not about trust and empathy, it's about choosing facts over prejudice.
Chelle: And Jean shouldn't have to tell Scott about that! :P
Chelle: (Jean is totally in pissy smackdown mode.)
Chelle: (Because everybody's being DUMB.)
Chelle: (If she knew where the Timebroker was, she'd go throw a book at his head.)
Chelle: (What she really wants to do is wrong his neck, but a book to the head will do.)
Rose: Hey, for the record, Scott is completely owning the fact that empathy is not his strong suit.
Rose: And yes, it's a different Essex and they should give him the benefit of the doubt.
Rose: He agrees with that.
Rose: But Scott is always going to, in the privacy of his own mind, judge people by versions of them he knows.
Rose: Especially if the versions of people he knows are evil/bad/villainous.
Chelle: Jean finds it funny that Scott has a hard time putting his personal feelings aside to do that, since everyone thinks he doesn't have any.
Chelle: They think he's an emotionless robot and she's the fluffy emotional one.
Chelle: It's entertaining and ironic as hell.
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